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Edited to add: updated Quarantine edition.

Most of the pics below were taken before we went into the official shelter in place orders. I'm in the Portland, OR area and have been making the best of a difficult situation.

I also took a leave of absence at my day job for the personal safety of me and my family, as I was considered a first responder. Savings is dwindling though and I have no idea when it will be "safe" to go back to work.

Happy 2020! It's been awhile. (this was originally posted at the beginning of March).

Yes, I had so much that I wanted to post about life, the universe, and everything.

However, after seeing Kailey of Mermaidens post her answers yesterday (originally from this questionnaire), I was inspired and motivated enough to answer these for my own blog post here.

Quoted from Kailey's post:

I used Google Translate to translate the questions, and edited it myself to sound more natural. If any of the questions don't quite line up with the original ones in Swedish, thats why! I did my best with my limited resources :')

I'll always have a place in my wardrobe for the beloved Peter Pan collar dress a la Wednesday Addams.

This is my favorite little black dress style as it's so utterly versatile. Dress it up or down with shoes and accessories. The below pic was taken after work, and I had just added more makeup and put on contacts. Again, versatile.

I can't believe that I can fit into this outfit again! My body has changed a lot after having two kids but 90's fashion is back, right? Maybe I'll find the right occasion to wear it again, it's been a while since I've been to a proper rave.

If I remember correctly, I think I got those JNCOs at the Ross Dress for Less on Sunset and La Brea (is it still there?) The fuzzy blue halter top was thrifted, probably from the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Feliz.

Ok, without further adieu, here's the Q + A!

What are clothes to you?

I think clothes are your ultimate statement. Whether you want to express a particular mood or vibe, or go incognito, clothes allow you to ultimately be who you want to do be, or not. What's that saying? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

I've always been aware of the power of clothes to make a statement. I grew up in an immediate family of very fashionable bonafide clothes horses, so I think I had no other choice but to pay attention.

My parents had a store on the east side of Melrose Avenue and between their store and the other stores on Melrose like Flip, Cowboys and Poodles, Aardvark's, and more, I couldn't resist the call of fashion!

What is your "I don't know WHAT to wear" outfit?

I'd say a longer bodycon or ruched dress or the Peter Pan collar dress I mentioned above. Tights are a no-brainer, definitely heavier ones for winter, although I've been known to dress them up with fishnets. I'd probably wear fishnets all the time if I could!

What are you sleeping in?
It depends on my mood, then the weather! My go-to pjs are a pair of heavy cotton in the perfect leopard print by Betsey Johnson. I guess they're practically vintage if they're from 2000?

I love my velvet chemise by Intimately Free People. In addition to being warm, comfy, AND sexy, it's also one of the few pieces in recent memory that I purchased brand new, at Nordstrom. Whenever I can, I thrift (not for a long time now since everything it shut down for the meantime), but that has its limits when it comes to undergarments and intimates.

I also have two pairs of men's boxers that I love to wear when I sleep, one pair by Calvin Klein and one pair by Hugo Boss. I love to pair them with a thin cotton t-shirt, usually my Blondie (with too many holes!) or a light cotton cami.

What is your favorite store?

The Goodwill Outlets, unanimously. I've been so fortunate to have found so many priceless and amazing things in my travels.

It would take wayyyy too long to list some of the astounding finds I've unearthed from "the bins" in every city I've lived.

The Los Angeles and Seattle outlets were the most fruitful overall, in my experience.

One of the best flips I ever did was of a gorgeous lilac kimono blouse by Stella McCartney. It cost $1 from the bins in L.A. and I sold it for something closer to $200! That outlet store is among the most gnarly, though, as in cutthroat, there's security there for good reason. The last time I was there, another thrifter threatened to "cut a bitch!" Yikes. Be careful out there!

I've also found Jean Paul Gaultier, almost every brand of super fancy denim, John Galliano, and my most recent couture find was of this Rick Owens Lilies dress at the Portland Goodwill outlet. Pictured below.

So what if it has a teeny tiny hole?

It's imperfect, like me, and that's just the way I like it.

What do you prefer when you dress up?

Anything slinky, think bodycon (body conscious), ruched, faux fur, or large print, whether floral or graphic. Some of the outfits that I've received the most compliments on were basic tube dresses, thrifted from the bins from the likes of Forever 21 or H&M or Zara or Asos.

They're so easy to dress up or down with accessories. I love high heels but my feet and body have been worse for the wear with them, especially after wearing platform Pleasers for a couple of years.

Irregular Choice, Jeffrey Campbell, and John Fluevog are part of my "sensible heels" collection and I try to wear them whenever possible.

No tag in the dress ($3.50) and these are $5 Pleasers that I'm going to use for their rhinestones!

What are your best life hacks when it comes to clothes?

The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" doesn't just apply to books!

With clothes, looks can be deceiving so it's imperative that you try things on before you buy. No matter what size you think that you fit into, you'll find many things are mislabeled. Sizing isn't universal and if i would have listened to what tags say, then I'd have missed out on a lot.

Find an awesome tailor or seamstress, as well as a shoe cobbler, in your neighborhood. Sometimes a simple tweak will change a garment forever. The so-so and donate piles can become fabulous. For me personally, I'm short waisted and have bigger boobs and a small band size.

What do you feel best in?

It depends on my mood. I wear what I like, when I like, occasion appropriate, but I always make an effort to look put together, even at one of my "day jobs".

I usually wear all black and I like to layer with textures. You can't go wrong with an accent piece or two in a different color, whether shoes, contrasting shoe laces if you have to wear athletic shoes, or a huge red belt.

How do you sort your wardrobe?

Ooof. This is getting a little easier to answer because I have my wardrobe in different places! ;)

The huge faux fur coats are in the actual closet, but I have a garment rack as well as storage, multiple rooms for storage. The items that I keep for nostalgia that I can resell and/or pass along to my kids are in storage bins, although I want to figure out a decent DIY upgrade. 

(Note, I've got some DIY projects in the works).

Which garments do you find difficult to find?

Vintage lingerie that fits!! I'm a 32D-DD so it's tricky to find things that fit. It's also trickier to find garments that aren't trashed. I'm also short waisted so it's tricky to find pants that properly fit my waist to hip ratio.

What do you avoid in clothing?

Baggy anything, "boyfriend" cut anything (WILDLY unflattering on my short waist), acid wash, "mom jeans", and basically all the ugly 90's fashion that seems to be all the rage right now. 

Yikes! It's not flattering to my body type and besides, I would feel ridiculous in it, even though I didn't feel THAT ridiculous in my raver outfit.

I also try to avoid most fast fashion, unless second hand.

What do you wear when you're just "at home"?

Vintage slips that I hand dye, work clothes if I haven't had a chance to change, or just my bra and panties if I'm all alone, which is rarer than ever. 

I just got some fabulous Betsey Johnson leopard floofy slippers that I need to wear more often around the house!

How do you dress seasonally?

Since I'm from L.A., what are these seasons that you refer to? Seriously though, I do my best to compromise when the weather is dreadful and so I layer, layer, layer. You won't find traditional winter wear in my wardrobe though as I am not fond of North Face, Patagonia, REI, or any of that stuff that's so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It's just not right for me and my style.

I layer long-sleeved shirts under dresses and still bring umbrellas with me. I love hoodies and practically live in my Betsey Johnson puffer coat that I got at the Goodwill bins, of course.

What garments do you never wear?

See above with the "what do I avoid" question. I love jewelry but rarely wear it. I love hats too but rarely wear them. I have a huge head, size XL in Kangol and get self-conscious about my head size. Bigger brain, though? *wink

What have you worn that people didn't like?

My vintage raver clothes, for sure. I'm not for everyone, though, and that's fine.

Vintage 70's tennis dress and 90's El Dantes boots, both thrifted!
One of my first boyfriends absolutely despised fishnet hosiery and blue nail polish. I didn't let that stop me though and that was but one of the reasons that we broke up. 

I'm an acquired taste, if you don't like me, acquire some taste, haha.

I love writing prompts like these and I'd love to know what your answers would be to these questions!

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