Wednesday, July 7, 2021



I swear that Aging Imperfectly on YouTube isn't just a beauty channel! With all of the options nowadays, this new method of lash application intrigued me. If you're on Instagram, you couldn't have missed all of the ads for Lashify, but with the price being so hefty, I wanted to see demos and reviews before possibly considering trying it.

It's been a few now and I forgot about Lashify! I'd say that I'm close to an expert level in application of eyelashes, both individual and strips, but I've never attempted lash extension application on another person. I've been around the block and have worn false eyelashes for at least 30 years. Yeah, you read right. WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO!? Damnit!

Here's a video I made showing how I applied these Lashcara from KISS.

I appreciate your support of my blog and my channel. Here's a link to purchase, you don't have to use my affiliate link if you don't want to.


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