Vampira is My Spirit Animal

Vampira is Cooler Than Me. And You.

Maila Nurmi is known by her most famous character, Vampira. Before her time, she was a legend and the OG goth.

I would have posted about her in time for Halloween but I play by my own rules and I do what I want. Below is a quote from her:

Oh yes, I dated Orson Welles. We had many encounters on both coasts. I remember the first time he saw me in a boudoir, in a negligee, he said in that wondrous voice of his: "Magnificent Carcass." "MAGNIFICENT CARCASS?" I thought to myself. Whatever, I didn't see that one coming. But that's really all I want to say about Orson. I don't want to go into how he gave me the Clap.

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