Welcome to Aging Imperfectly

Welcome to Aging Imperfectly. I still can't believe this URL hadn't been taken yet!

We are aging. We are imperfect. We are "supposed" to be and do many things, haven't you heard? Why don't we just grow up already? We're not supposed to stand out from the herds of sheeple.

I don't know about you, but f*ck what everyone else says about what you should be like when you're older. If I listened to everyone that had an opinion about me, my life, and my actions, I'd be paralyzed with indecision and doubt. That, or I'd be mediocre and frumpy.

It seems that if you dare to be over 30, or if you're, *gasp*, over 40, you already have one foot in the grave. Then you get the looks, up and down. "Omg, you look so good for ____ (fill in the blank with your age of decrepitude)!"

How about you look good, period?

I've been more exasperated as I get older and not necessarily in that "get off my lawn" sort of way, except when it comes to the top 40 mumble rap that seems to be all the rage. What the kids are listening to. That, or the hypersexualized pop star vocals that you can't escape, even if you don't participate in mainstream radio.

Society's obsession with youth is everywhere, and I'm no longer participating in feeling bad about something we have no control over. Aging.

I do my best to prevent the bad and ugly by staying out of the sun and doing my best to take good care of myself, body, mind, and spirit, or something.

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